I want to get married, where do I start?

If you have made it to the FAQ, then please know that I welcome you and your boo to contact me with any random questions you may have that aren't listed here. My role is to celebrate and support your love, but most importantly - I'm here to get you married. 

Before you marry, Australian Law requires that you complete a Notice of Intention of Marriage. This document must be lodged with me no less than one month and no more than 18 months prior to your marriage ceremony.

If you are Australian born you are required to produce either your Australian Passport (expired is fine, cancelled - not so much), original Birth Certificate or authorized extract. If born overseas your birth certificate is preferred but if you can’t produce it then your overseas passport will be accepted. 

Note: You must provide photographic identification.

On your wedding day you will sign the Official Certificate of Marriage and the Commemorative Certificate. You'll need to have two witnesses who are both over the age of 18 by your side.

What if I have been married before?

If you have been divorced then I need to sight proof of your divorce. If your previous spouse has passed away, then a death certificate needs to be shown. Either one of these original documents must be produced before your marriage can take place.

You may want to have a ceremony but you have already been married either overseas or in a registry office? That's okay. We can still plan a day to celebrate your marriage with your friends & family -  just without the legal bits because they have already been completed prior.

Yay! We're married, now what?

The commemorative marriage certificate you receive at your ceremony is a legal document - however, if either one of you want to change your name on your driver’s licence, bank details and passport, then you will need to apply for the Official Certificate of Marriage from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State in which your marriage took place. Following your wedding, I now lodge all of the legal paperwork through the online system in the state in which your ceremony took place. I can’t believe how quick this has made the registration process! but I’ll explain more in person.

You may be eligible to update your Australian passport free of charge when applying a name change, if your application is made within 12 months of your marriage and your passport has at least over 2 years left till expiration.


A non-refundable booking fee is required for all bookings and is payable within 14 days after confirmation. The balance of the fee is required no less than one month before the ceremony.  Apart from the non-refundable booking fee, all other refunds are discussed personally in accordance with my ‘Service Agreement’ issued at confirmation of booking.