I’ve worn a lot of different hats during my working life, but being a marriage celebrant is my favourite job so far ♡ When I’m not marrying people, you’ll find me painting pictures on my easel at home in Cabarita Beach, or chilling with my family of five and Frank, my naughty Jack Russell. When I was growing up I was the quiet kid at school - the one that always blushed the quickest. But when I became a marriage celebrant in 2011 I realised that we are all a little bit shy… that is, until we are around people who make us feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s why it's so important to me that we create a relationship based on friendship & trust, so that on your wedding day and in the preparations beforehand - you know that I am there for you both to keep you relaxed and calm from start to finish. You, your support crew and your families are the stars of the day and I'll be there beside you making sure everything flows along nicely ♡ I’d love to meet you to share stories & ideas - Candice x